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Buying the right horse is a dream come true for a polo player.  You form a bond with that horse which grows into a love and unwavering affection.  Given the importance and financial commitment buying a polo horse entails we aim to uphold the highest standards at THE POLO MARKET.   We will only place advertisements from trusted third-party sellers who have a consistent track record of producing quality horses and acting in good faith. 


In order to advertise on THE POLO MARKET we strongly prefer to have a scanned copy of the horses passport detailing age, microchip number, markings and breeding.  We also require recent photographs and full history of the horse (horses can be listed without photographs but will receive far less attention from prospective buyers).  We strongly recommend providing videos of the horse to enable the most interactive view to a prospective buyer.  If required, we can provide a photographer to photograph the horse and take video footage.   For unknown sellers, we may insist on visiting the horse ourselves to take photographs and verify identification details. 


We strongly recommend that all buyers follow these 3 steps before buying any horse: 1) Visit the stables where the horse is located, preferably on more than one occasion.  2) Ride the horse and have another trusted person ride.  3) Have the horse vetted by your choice of vet, not the sellers.  Ideally, a five-stage vetting certificate should be obtained. 


Whilst we always aim to uphold the highest standards of conduct, THE POLO MARKET is not directly or indirectly liable for any horse or horse services procured via this website.

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