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Argentine pony, £26,000

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Argentine polo pony
8 years old
52 stick
For Patron or Pro

Super pretty mare with great conformation, lots of power but easy to handle, plays any level without problems. Super ride off, great mouth, agile and fast. Unfortunately she doesn't love S&B, but she loves the game and gives it all her heart every time.

India last played the 12-goal final in Palermo in Argentina. She was played by a 5-goaler and 2-goaler and last season by a woman with -1. She is a true all-rounder, but we would not recommend her for complete beginners. A horse that will take you to the next level.

Also knows hacking out, loads great in the trailer and is absolutely easy to handle in general. Great hooves, can even be played barefoot.

India currently lives out in a group with geldings and mares 24h and is rather high in rank. She gets along with all of our horses. She also has been kept stabled during the season without any issue.

Due to her great conformation, color and character, she would certainly also be interesting for breeding.

Vetting from 2022 incl. X-rays available.
Trial chukker possible.

Location Switzerland (has papers for departure to GER/Europe).

Priced according to quality 26.000 GBP

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Kira Wetzel
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