Gelding out of Argentine Mare. £6,000

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Stone Grey Gelding born 2015.

Bred at Stonehurst by Argentine polo pony mare (Tordi) which was top mare from Fede Von Potobsky 7 handicap player.

Stallion is Oshkosh (Alan Kent).

Oshkosh horses have reputation for high physical endurance - that is no internal issues strong heart lungs etc as well as physically strong legs. I don’t know any that have broken.

His siblings are all playing polo, often two or three chukkas a day.

Some Oshkosh horses take longer to play, and settle. Usually around 7 or 8 years old. They then go on to serve long and hard.

Titus is everyone’s favourite but he is not picking up Polo as fast as I would like and is consuming too much time on our trainers when we have other horses that we can work on.

His full sister sold for £22,000 and is playing, but she didn’t leave here until 8 years old.

South East England


William Roberts

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William Roberts 07831 555 333


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